July 1, 2017

In Roald Dahl’s story “The Sound Machine,” Klausner, the inventor of a machine that made inaudible sounds audible, explains his concept by saying, “I believe that there is a whole world of sound about us all the time that we cannot hear…there is a new exciting music being made, with subtle harmonies and fierce grinding discords, a music so powerful that it would drive us mad if only our ears were tuned to hear the sound of it.” Although his machine, which could hear the sound of flowers screaming when they were picked, was eventually crushed by an enraged tree, we could say that the evolution of music has offered us thousands of different sound machines that allow us to hear sounds that we never heard before.


Whether it is the bleeping, crunchy, ethereal sounds created using computers, traditional instruments being stretched to create exciting new harmonics, or simply the ability to hear music from distant parts of the world, contemporary composers and listeners alike have made extensive use of these new sound “machines” to expand our aural capacity. Whether or not they have driven us mad is yet to be determined...but all of that shouldn’t stop us from desiring some of the most audibly (and aesthetically) pleasing machines.


If you covet more style picks that would make you party-ready, check out The Edit inspired by music.



1. VT-E Vertical Turntable / GBP269, Pro-Ject


2. Model One Bluetooth Radio / USD179.99, Tivoli Audio


3. Sabre SB 35 / USD999.95, Harman Kardon


4. Stockwell Portable Speaker / USD229, Marshall


5. Phantom Speaker/ USD2,300; Leather Case / USD2,990, Phantom Berluti


6. Transparent Speaker / USD849, People Products


7. Sgt. Pepper Limited Edition Turntable / GBP1,235, Henley Designs


8. Revolve Portable Speaker / USD199.95, Bose

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