Now available to you direct from Jill Stuart in Japan via Yellow Porter.

Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Snow eau de parfum

  • Crystal Bloom eau de parfum keeps the translucency and sweet fragrance of proudly blooming flowers while providing a cleanly elegant sensation like snow and a soft powdery feeling for a pure floral aroma rich with charming white floral tones. The tulle accord brings depth to the entire fragrance, allowing more than 100 different materials to each individually bloom and appealing with a variety of different expressions.


    Sweet pea, Snowdrop, Lemon*, Orange*, Bergamot*, Apple, Plum, Black current, Freesia

    Muguet, Sambac Jasmine*, Magnolia*, Rose*, Peony

    White Iris*, White Musk, Osmanthus, Water lily, Amber, Tulle accord

    Underlined: Key Floral
    *Natural Fragrance


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