Now available to you direct from VT Cosmetics in Korea via Yellow Porter.

BT21 x VT - Lippie Stick

  • Moisturising lipsticks with eight colors.

    Character / Product Type List:

    • Shooky - Brown Dawn
    • RJ - Sturdy Coral
    • Chimmy - Mood Rose
    • Cooky - Burnt Pink
    • Koya - Deep Orange
    • Tata - Red Pool
    • Van - Burgundy Scene
    • Mang - Struck Pink

    100% Authentic and Official VT Product

    • Estimated time of arrival: 7 - 14 business days, includes international shipping to our Bangsar warehouse, Kuala Lumpur
    • We'll keep you informed via email when your shipment arrives at our Bangsar warehouse. You may choose to self-collect, or arrange a last-mile delivery to your doorstep for a small fee ranging from RM10-RM30 (actual fee depends on delivery location)