Anyone who tells you that there’s only so much band merch you can have at once have obviously not been schooled down the K-Pop route. As we breeze past January into the second month of the new year, we have a newfound curiosity (and respect) for those who adore these Korean bands, and we’ve taken it on ourselves to seek out some of the best must-haves that we think should make it on every K-Pop fan’s merch list!

And, yes. We do agree that the new year looks promising as we rumble into it with the energetic BLACKPINK’s concert on our shores this month! Boys and girls, it’s time to get your light sticks on.

While you’re at it, read on for our top 5 types of merchandise that will set you on the right track of your K-Pop fandom.


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Beauty & Make Up

Who would've known that our beloved K-Pop bands would take their collaborations to the next level--giving us some of the quirkiest beauty editions to adore! BT21 and VT Cosmetics bring us a petite range of skincare and beauty shades that are almost too cute to use, but are absolutely worth every dime in your beauty purse.


There's no better way to profess your adoration for your favourite K-Pop band by wearing your heart on your sleeves! Let love lead the way in the form of fashionable band tees that are all the hype with every true K-fan.

Music Albums

The most obvious must-have that defines every K-Pop fan is a well-curated collection of music albums by their favourite bands. Learn their songs by heart and let their catchy tunes serenade you all day and everyday with these albums that can almost double as perfect cover art inspirations. Some of them even boast some really beautiful photo books!

Light Sticks

Kudos to whoever dreamt up these gorgeous, gorgeous light sticks. A concert by your favourite K-Pop band filled with exciting fans bearing these beaming light sticks is one of the many moving sights that every true fan will never want to forget, and will forever want to relive. Wave your magic wands and spread the love ya'll!

Official Goods

Music bands are often known to produce a host of goodies that follows after its album releases and K-Pop bands are just as creative, if not more, when it comes to their official merch. Get your hands on a varied curation of cutesy drink bottles, key rings, blankets, books, memorabilia and more to add some character and depth to your fandom!