Balik kampung, oh, oh, oh!” Sudirman’s hit is Raya classic that most of us know and love. It’s the perfect song to remind us that Hari Raya is right around the corner, which means there’s lots of feasting, shopping, visiting, and duit raya to come!


Because we know just how important the little details are, we’ve got your shopping list nailed down to a tee. Spruce up that home of yours before a family reunion or doll up for the many home visits beckoning—our gifting guide is a brilliant place to start the festive celebrations with.


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Let's face it--no celebration is ever complete without some new beauty finds to land you that gorgeous complexion, perfectly contoured cheekbones, and dewy glow that screams ‘raya ready’! These picks promise to take your flawless looks from dawn till dusk. Please excuse all the compliments you’re about to get. It’s going to be good.



You’ll need something for the journey back home, and how about the tunes you’d be playing DJ with at those reunions? We’ve got the perfect gifts to sate the appetite of every tech geek who is also all about form apart from the obvious function. p.s We’ve even thrown in a pair of audio sunglasses! Winning at multitasking.



If there is one thing (that isn’t the amazing food) that reminds us of Raya, it has got to be the sight of ladies in their traditional baju kurung and kebaya. And we know just the right online stores that make the most beautifully woven fabrics for your thoughtful gifting from the heart, to those nearest and dearest this festive.



It’s the little details that go a long way. These style complements are handpicked to finish off any ensemble that needs the perfect closing act. It’s easy to celebrate your fashion statement in style when we bring you some of the best international brands that may not be available on our shores!

Model photos from Arabian Nights

Home & Living

There’s always that warm feeling that comes from a home filled with laughter, forgiveness, and love. And this festive, we’ve picked some simple additions to bring good vibes and happy spirits into your spaces, making them ready for all those makan-moments with the family.


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