With the beauty noise only increasing and heaps of products piling on our shelves, we don’t blame you if it gets hard to discern the real wonder workers from the hype-makers. Curated from some of our personal tried and true favourites that have also garnered a fair bit of beauty raves from acclaimed blogs and user reviews, read on for our list of  8 international beauty brands worth noting and exploring if you’re looking for products that work.

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Disclaimer: We do strongly believe that no two skin is the same and product efficacy may work differently from one person to another. This blog and the products are suggestions and by no means reflect a definitive list.

Drunk Elephant

Everybody in the cult’s getting tipsy! Skin care that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Drunk Elephant is making waves in the ocean of skin care and just about everyone’s wanting to hop on that ride. Founded by Tiffany Masterson who wanted a clean break from toxins and toxic chemicals, Drunk Elephant’s range of skin-loving concoctions are anything but boring.


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Tatcha makes products that combine two qualities nearly everyone touts but almost no one gets right: gentleness and effectiveness. A Japanese skincare brand that takes inspiration from centuries-old skincare routines of geisha, Tatcha continues to work with modern-day geisha and some of the best Japanese scientists to formulate its products, harnessing the gentle efficacy of ingredients such as camellia oil, green tea, silk extracts and more.


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A brand that’s hot on the millennial pulse, Glossier not only has some of the most instagrammable packaging but also delivers quality products with a personality. What feels like joining a cool, unconditionally supportive sisterhood every time you stock up on something Glossier, these pastel-tinged products work real good and promises to continue doing so for its people—people like you and I.


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House 99

The well-groomed, excellently dressed former soccer pro’s grooming line, House 99 by David Beckham is making a big splash in the growing business of men’s grooming. Beckham’s simple goal to create a men’s grooming range that allows you to experiment and create any look you want offers a selection of goods that will appeal to guys who want to improve their grooming games, and take a cue from the grooming god himself.


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The Ordinary

Founded by skin care enthusiasts who were fed up with the lack of integrity in the beauty industry, The Ordinary takes clinically proven formulas, bottles them in a full range of minimalist dropper bottles and sells them at honourable prices to the market. Anything but ordinary, The Ordinary takes pride in its honesty, and product efficacy.

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Susanne Kaufmann

The eponymous skincare brand by Susanne Kaufmann takes pride in its sense of heritage and locale that ensures every product remains grounded in where Kaufmann is from—the picturesque Bezau valley in the Austrian Alps. Her products are a blend of botanical knowledge and cutting-edge technology and almost suggest a spa break for your skin when you can’t escape on one. The line boasts exceptional results that promote a powerful sense of wellbeing that’s second to none.


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Milk Makeup

Amassing a cult following across the pond for good reason, beauty brand Milk Makeup’s versatile range of multi-use makeup and skincare products are all 100% vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free, making it a good go-to for all who believes in the concept of “clean beauty”. Like the brand, their packaging just grabs you. Oh-so-practical, sleek and simple, there’s possibly nothing to not love about this mega brand!


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Born among the artists and influencers in Los Angeles, it is Morphe’s mission to inspire creativity with professional-grade makeup brushes, richly pigmented shades, and flawless formulas. A rule-breaking beauty retailer that’s produced some renowned collaborations, Morphe is perfect for those “looking for killer makeup without killing their wallet”.


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